A lot of people love to have s3x but are less concerned about the hygiene that comes with s3x. In everything one do, hygiene is highly important and s3x is not different; s3xual hygiene should even be more important because you can easily get unwanted infections if you are not careful.
A good s3xual hygiene would not only save you unwanted infections but it would also make your time in the sheets a lovely one.
Below are 10 s3x hygiene everyone should take serious.
Change your underwear regularly: “No one should take this tip lightly; the underwear should be changed regularly; the underwear comes in direct contact with the genitals and if dirty can lead to infections, irritations and odour so change your underwear after a sweaty day, else they can pose a risk for yeast infection and bacteria”.
Washing of the genitals: “Washing of the genitals shouldn’t be taken lightly, women should always remember to wash from their genitals to the anus and not the other way round to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria from the anus to the vag!na; women should avoid douching of the vag!na as it can tamper with your vagina’s natural pH and lead to infections; men should also wash up twice daily, especially after a sweaty day, soap and water is enough to keep your genitals clean, as not washing your genitals can even cause it to have an offensive odour and this is unfair to your partner”.
Wash up even before s3x: “People place emphasis on washing up after s3x but it’s important to wash even before s3x; minus the fact that washing up before s3x would leave couples feeling fresh and make for a better time in the sheets, washing up before s3x would also ensure that germs aren’t spread from the hands to the genitals as this can also lead to infection”.
Trim pubic hair: “It’s important to trim the hairs around your genitals even though some school of thoughts believes that pubic hairs come with its benefits; minus the fact that it doesn’t make for good viewing, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and since the area isn’t exposed to air, germs can breed there especially after a sweaty day leading to rashes, boils and even bad odour but when your genital region is well shaven, it even makes it easier for self-examination; it would be difficult to notice boils and rashes when it’s covered with hair”.
Oral s3x: “Oral s3x should be avoided if your partner has sores around the mouth or genitals, this can possibly pass on infections to you”.
Keep your armpits clean: “Many place emphasis on the genitals, but the armpit is another important region; it should be washed and kept clean else it would cause bad odour to thrive and bad odour would make for bad s3x”.
Practice safe s3x: “It doesn’t go without saying that safe s3x is always important; minus HIV, condoms also help protect against Warts, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis and so many other infections”.
Go for regular check up: “Don’t assume, always go for regular check up”.
Treat infections as quickly as they come: “It’s important to treat every infection as quickly as possible as it can lead to serious reproductive issues and to prevent it from affecting your partner — you owe your partner that”.
Check your partner: “Everyone should also provide a watchful eye for their partner and vice-versa, it is good to check each other out for redness, warts, bumps, swelling and any irregularities around the region; even though most bumps around the organ aren’t harmful or sexually related, it’s good to check with your doctor, as prevention they say is better than cure”.

S3xual hygiene should always be taken serious.

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