Jealous curious black man holding glasses spying his girlfriend's mobile phone while she is typing message to her lover and smiling happily. Betrayal unfaithfulness infidelity and lack of trust
nstigating jealousy is a common way a lot of women use in getting their man’s attention or making him regret an action.
When a woman wants to make a man jealous, these are the most likely things she would do:
FLIRT WITH ANOTHER MAN: “This is a common way women try to make their man jealous, men love to be dominant; they love their women to be theirs alone and they hate competition. Women understand this and use it to their advantage”.
HAVING A GREAT TIME WITHOUT HIM: “Men could get all insecure when their lady is having fun without them and this could create all manner of thoughts and pictures in the man’s head; this also sends a message that you can do without him, and that’s scary for most men”.
LAUGH AT ANOTHER MAN’S JOKE: ”Men understand that humour is a good way to a woman’s heart, and it could also mean she’s happy and comfortable with another man; a lot of women know that this makes men jealous and they use it to their advantage”.
PRETEND TO BE BUSY: “This is another thing that infuriates a lot of men, and this is another common thing women do to purposely make their man angry and jealous”.
LATE RESPONSE: “Late and nonchalant response can make most men feel jealous and angry, this act could draw up a lot of negative emotions in a man’s head”.
ACT LIKE YOU DON’T CARE: “Your man expects you to care and he wants you to care at all times; showing that you don’t care would easily drive him nuts”.
TALKING ABOUT OTHER MEN: “Be it an ex, a colleague, a male friend, an attractive guy, a guy with outstanding qualities — men hate to listen to talks about other men; saying that this makes them feel insecure could be an understatement”.

COMMUNICATING WITH ANOTHER MAN: “This stirs up jealousy so quickly in a lot of men especially when the woman acts like she cares about that guy”.

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