Being overweight can ruin your sex life with your partner, and you should know that couples who have better s3x enjoy better satisfaction than couples who don’t.
Losing weight can do a lot of wonders to your s3x life, it help your s3x life in many amazing ways.

Getting in shape will improve many areas of your s3x life and help you have better s3x. Here are some ways losing weight can help your s3x life.
YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF: “When you are in the right shape or lose weight, you tend to feel better about yourself, and the way you feel about yourself will go a long way in making your s3x good or bad; feeling confident can make you sexier and desirable — and that self-consciousness can boost your abilities”.
MAKES YOU MORE FLEXIBLE: “Being obese can actually stifle you in bed but when you get in shape, you can try out new positions and reach more pleasure zones, thereby becoming more satisfied with your s3x life”.
BETTER STAMINA: “Obesity has often been associated with laziness and being sedentary, and this is true; being overweight can make you lazy in bed and make you to tire quickly, however, when you work hard to get in shape, you’d experience better stamina in bed too and as you already know, s3x is also a form of exercise”.
IMPROVED LIBIDO: “People who are overweight tend to have lower s3x drive; hormonal imbalance and lower testosterone levels can inhibit the s3xual desires in both overweight men and women and also, the way you feel about yourself can also kill your desire to have s3x”.
ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: “Erectile dysfunction is another thing that’s been associated with overweight people, being obese kills your abilities as a man in bed and also lowers your testosterone levels; however, being in shape can improve blood circulation and the problems of erectile dysfunction, researchers say that even losing a little amount of weight can help beat the condition of erectile dysfunction’.
MORE PLEASURE: “You feel more pleasure from s3x when you have the right weight and also, being overweight can cause decreased blood flow to your genitals, and blood flow is very important to achieving orgasm; being in the right shape can increase your s3x drive, pleasures and in turn orgacscm”.

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