It is every woman’s dream to have her man to herself and be the only one in his life without having to fight for it, to be safe and be sure that her man is hers and hers alone.
But at times being the only woman in a man’s life might be hard as well as hard to tell, as a lot of men could hide their other activities and pretend that it’s just you.
Below are some signs that could tell if you are the only woman in your man’s life.
He is completely honest with you: “Honesty and faithfulness share the same qualities; a completely honest man has nothing to hide, he isn’t the type to play games and he’s trustworthy; when you should be concerned is if your man isn’t the honest type”.
He is open: “Men who have other women in their lives don’t really live an open life with their lady; of course, if he’s totally open with you, you would easily notice the other things he does; a man who has just one woman in his life lives an open lifestyle; he’s completely honest and open with his lady; he has nothing to hide”.
He lets you in his life totally: “This is another important trait men like these share, besides being open and honest, they let their lady into their life totally; their lady becomes part and parcel of their lives; even when it’s just a relationship, he would let her into his world totally and he wouldn’t hold anything back and he wouldn’t give you the feeling of you being excluded from his life”.
He invest his time on you: “His time and attention would be highly invested in you; if you are the only one in his life, he would be totally committed to you because when a man’s attention is divided, it would be difficult for him to be fully committed to you, but a man who just has you in his life would be totally committed to you”.
He makes you feel safe: “When you are the only woman in his life, you would feel safe, secure and beautiful; your relationship might not be perfect but at least you would be assured that it’s just you and him, and no one else to contend with”.
He cannot do without you: “A man with just one woman in his life would want to be with you all the time; he would want to spend a lot of his free time with you, he would miss you when you are apart and would be willing to compromise for your sake”.
“He would also go the extra mile for you and love you enough to want you in his life and future”.

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