The foundation of a good marriage is most times laid on the compatibility of a couple, it is said that one must be with the right person for your marriage to stand any chance of lasting.
A man who would not make a good husband often shows it from the courtship stage of a relationship; from the way he relates (with) and treats others to the way he treats you or handles general issues of life and if a woman is smart enough and not blinded by love, she will see things clearly.
Today, we will be looking  at some signs that suggest a man is a potentially bad husband.
He lacks ambition and drive: “A man who has no ambition in life is as good as one without purpose, goals, dreams and focus; he has no laid down plans for tomorrow and makes no effort to grow himself from his current position, people like this often have no jobs; instead, they sit around and delude themselves in the hope that a miracle will come their way at some point in their lives and even if they do get a job, they make no further efforts to grow in their careers and marrying a man like this is bad for you and your children because his negative energy and attitude may rub off on you and your children and apart from that, you may have to suffer major financial difficulties as a result of his laziness and attitude towards life”.
He shows disrespect for women: “He may not particularly be disrespectful to you because he wants you to believe he’s good, but from the way he relates with other women (his sisters, colleagues and strangers), you’ll be able to tell something isn’t right; he may show violent tendencies towards women or use derogatory remarks in reference to them, this is a sign he may also be the same to you in future”.
He is an incorrigible cheat: “It is totally unacceptable for any woman to continue to forgive and condone a promiscuous lifestyle from any man, after it’s been proven that he’s not willing to let that part of him go; marrying a man like this is like signing your own heartbreak warrant because for as long as you’re with him, you’ll have to contend with other women for his love and attention and also add that to the embarrassment that comes with it too”.
He is stingy: “It’s true that women should not depend on a man for anything, but then, even as a working class woman, there may be occasions when you’re not rich enough to take care of your every need and at times like this, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in going to your man to seek financial support when you know he can help but if you have a man who hardly spends his money on you or complains terribly even though he has enough money to, I wouldn’t advise you to get yourself involved with him because he clearly doesn’t respect you enough and the disappointments and stinginess will likely continue even after marriage”.
He is a bad money manager: “As a man, it is proper for you to know your needs, set them in their most pressing order, allocate some of your income to them and have some savings left for unforeseen contingencies but a man who cannot get his priorities right and does not save for tomorrow is not ideal for marriage because clearly, his future is uncertain’.
He is easily influenced and has no mind of his own.

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