A look at many relationships around will tell you that many relationships and marriages are not heading in the right direction and it is clear that people these days enter the wrong relationships and expect to see the right results; but how can that be possible?
Below are some reasons you end up with the wrong person all the time:
You keep going in circles: “A lot of the times, people end up with the same partners but with different skins; this means, you date the same kind of people every time and expect different results and if you keep dating the same kind of men/women, the results will always be the same”.
You don’t know what you want: “If you don’t know what you want, who you are and what will suit your kind of person, there’s a high possibility that you will end up with the wrong partner; ending with the right partner starts with you because self-discovery is the first step”.
You hurriedly enter a relationship: “Many people enter a relationship in a hurry and forget to ask themselves certain questions; if you get carried away by your emotions and feelings, there’s a high percentage of being in the wrong relationship, irrespective of your feelings and emotions, guard how you feel and be sure of what you are going into before taking that step”.
You seek to satisfy people: “What will my friends think?how would my family react?what will people think of him/her?;does this sound like you? if you are more interested in the opinion of others than how right or wrong the relationship would be, you might never get it right in the world of relationship”.
You are attracted to trivial things: “If you keep getting attracted to people for the wrong reasons, then you’d always end up with the wrong partner; are you always attracted by looks, wealth, class, status?then you’d most likely end up with the wrong person”.
You ignore warning signs: “There are always warning signs that show up in a relationship and that would tell you whether that relationship is actually right or wrong for you but if you choose to ignore those signs and believe that your partner will change, you might be making a mistake of your life”.

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