You might think your phone is too little to cause chaos in a relationship, but that is so wrong because many people have carried grudges just because of the way their partner uses their phone. How everyone use their phone can positively or negatively affect their relationship so your phone should be a tool that will help bolster your relationship and not the other way round; your phone should be used to add positive energy to your relationship.
Here are some phone rules every couple should know in order to avoid certain misunderstanding, and these tips listed below would add positive energy to your relationship.
“Use affectionate and romantic words to start a phone call with your partner; the way you start a call would determine how positive that call would turn out. “Hello sugar”, “Hello sweetie” are some typical examples of how to start a phone call”.
“Just as you would start your call with affectionate words, your calls should also end in the same vein; this would keep you feeling positive even after you end the call.
“Quarrelling over the phone would do more harm than good, it’s easy to misunderstand each other on the phone and this could lead to even more troubles; fights over the phone would terribly affect your mood as well”.
“Chatting or being busy with your phone when discussing with your partner sends a negative signal, try to give your partner that attention and respect when together”.
“Never flirt with someone on the phone, except it’s your partner; this could create a breeding ground for unnecessary suspicion and distrust”.
“Going on a rant on social media anytime you have a disagreement or misunderstanding with your partner is quite immature”.
“Pick all calls in front of your partner, when you have to walk away to answer certain calls, it creates room for suspicion”.
“Save your partner’s number with romantic names, saving them with their names makes your partner look ordinary”.
“Communication is always a two-way thing, never feel it’s your partner’s duty to keep the communication going”.
“It’s quite rude to see a missed call from your partner and don’t call back; call or at least text your partner whenever you see a missed call”.
“Using your phone whenever you are out on a date with your partner would most likely spoil the mood so keep it away”.
‘Avoid calls from the opposite s3x when it’s late; this can make your partner become suspicious”.
“Your phone should be a tool that would help bolster your relationship; text your partner frequently and send pictures to each other as well”.
“Always call back to check on your partner whenever they’re travelling or after a date or visit if you don’t live together”.
“Phone could ruin your s3x life; keep phones away from the bed at bedtime or during s3x”.

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