BE FAITHFUL: “Being faithful is the hardest thing for men to do, but in reality it shouldn’t be; if you have a lady that you honestly do care about and want to enter a relationship with her, being faithful shouldn’t be a 50-50 thing, it’s a must because being faithful is a sign of maturity and if you want to have a relationship you should be ready to act mature; toying with a lady’s heart isn’t mature”.

BE ACCOMMODATING: “When a man is single everything he does is for himself, everything borders around himself- this is because he is in a relationship with himself but when you are about having a relationship such ideologies should be lost; you should be ready to be more accommodating to his lady and should be ready to make a lot of sacrifices for the relationship to work”.
BE SENSITIVE: “Sensitivity is highly important as far as relationships are concerned, sometimes a lady might need her man for so many things but wouldn’t say; a man that’s sensitive would understand that his lady needs him but an insensitive man would hardly understand so every man should be able to understand his lady’s emotions and act accordingly”.
WINNING AN ARGUMENT SHOULDN’T BE THE PREROGATIVE: “Somehow arguments must always surface in a relationship but winning the argument should never be the priority, winning arguments wouldn’t take the relationship anywhere; even if you are right and your lady is wrong, there should be more subtle ways to pass your message”.
IT WON’T ALWAYS BE A BED OF ROSES: “Relationships aren’t always a bed of roses; don’t be deceived by the passion in many romance books that would make you drool for more, there might be setbacks along the road but it shouldn’t deter the love from growing; the desire to keep your lady should be enough motivation to drive you both out of the mud anytime setback surfaces”.

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