We often hear some single people say they don't want to get married though they are in relationships. They all have several strong reasons and their opinions are totally theirs.
Couple talking 

It's okay to decide what is best for you as long as you communicate your opinions to your partner who may or may not share your point of view.

Regardless of your reasons, inspired by YourTango, here are 7 reasons to get married

1. A deep sense of trust and faith is developed in this long term committed relatioship called marriage.

2. Exclusive companionship between you and your partner

3. Couples marry so they don't end up alone especially without the one they love

4. There's absolutely no risk of STDs when you are committed to one partner.

5. Couples get to save money by sharing expenses

6. A healthy marriage provides stability for children

7. Couples can learn more about themselves in a committed relationship and experience personal growth.

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