Ever been judged for something you are not? As friendly as you are, you are often being perceived as someone who is too smart and not approachable?. People often make first impressions and find powerful personalities intimidating, they just assume that because you are open to your thoughts, progressive or very nice to people, you may be snobbish or daunting.
Below are some traits that most people find intimidating:
You are upfront and straightforward: “You speak your mind and usually do not use filters, you express openly instead of beating around the bush and sugar coating words does not come easily to you and most people think you are sarcastic or are scared to initiate conversation with the fear of getting a shut-up call for small talks”.
You detest judgemental people: “You don’t judge and dislike people who are judgemental, you easily lose your mind with people who are willfully ignorant about things or are too conservative; you have an open mind to things and are vocal about your thought process”.
Small talk doesn’t interest you: “Discussing domestic helpers’ issues or some office romance fling is small talk for you and you’d rather engage in something more meaningful, you’d rather stand alone than being in the company of small talkers; silence is valuable to you when you are in a group engaged in small talk and this behaviour often makes people believe that you don’t gel enough and are intimidating”.
You are the life of a gathering: “You are very social and easily likeable because you speak about a lot of things openly; you don’t judge so many people love your company and when you are too popular, it is but obvious that people will find you to be an overpowering personality”.
You are smart and intelligent: “You find solutions to problems instead of cribbing about them; you are even willing to move out of comfort zone to achieve what you want, you are well read and connected and hence updated about a lot of different things but too much of knowledge can nerve-wracking for some people”.
You lead instead of following: “You’re a born leader because you believe in finding solutions; you’re a people’s person and hence can quickly guide a group to a certain goal, some people think you are being over smart or a show-off or consider you bossy and this trait might intimidate a few people for sure”.

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