Most men think they are intelligent enough to know what their woman wants but women sadly, know their men are far from ticking all the right boxes and sometimes not even half of them.
Men, well most of them, boast they can read their woman’s mind but this is a myth that may not be busted any time soon; in other words, communication is where everyone keep going wrong and in order to bridge that gap, we’ve compiled 9 things women really wish men knew, so that everyone’s lives could become simpler!
So for your convenience, and for that rollicking session tonight between the sheets, here’s a cheat sheet no man should ever forget. Go ahead and make her feel you can indeed read her mind.
Dear men,
“If you climax first, it doesn’t mean she’d also like to stop there and then; s3x does not finish when the man climaxes and it is only when the woman orgasms that the s3xual act should come to an end”.
“Never assume that your new girlfriend will like whatever your ex loved in bed; a simple gesture of asking her what she likes will tell her that you care for her and to give her the confidence that you care for how she enjoys herself is what will make her do much more for you”.
“Don’t expect her to shave her pubic hair everyday; it isn’t exactly a pleasant experience for her”.
“Its okay if you can’t locate her cl!toris, just ask her what feels good and it’s ok to ask; any woman would be fine with guiding you”.
“Increase the amount of foreplay don’t just rush into the act; you need to make sure that the woman is aroused and then go to the next level; otherwise it wouldn’t be a very pleasant experience for her”.
“Understand that adult movie stars might make it look a lot of things are enjoyable, but it depends from person to person so don’t turn your special night into a step by step replay of what you saw on that porn film”.
“If the woman takes 30 minutes to orgasm, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with her but if that’s the way you view it, either you’ve been watching too much of porn, or you haven’t got enough s3xual experience”.
“Don’t be selfish; women enjoy oral s3x too, so for a change do some work and give her some pleasure too”.
“Men might want to have s3x during a woman’s period but it doesn’t mean the woman wants to do it too, maybe that’s the time you should just pamper her a bit”.

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