My name is Uche, my problem is my husband. Before we got married, he was very decent and a gentleman. Since we got married, however, he has turned into what can best be described as a s*x freak.

He likes to have s*xual intercourse in unusual and perverted ways. Although we have a very comfortable bed in our bedroom but he likes taking me to other places during action...

He asks me to suck him. I want to please him in this, but his "banana" is so large, it always makes me gag! I never ask him to do anything abnormal, so why has he turned into something I now fear? It has got to a point where I hate making love with him. I have even thought of running away.

- Below is Aunty Bunmi's reply to her:

    Dear Uche,
    Why don’t you tell your husband how you feel about his s*xual demands. They are not as abnormal as you think, but you have to enjoy doing them together to make them fulfilling. Discuss the techniques you particularly fancy with him and try and meet his needs half-way too. 

    Now that you are married, don’t expect him to be as cautious as when you were courting. The love you share should see you through problems you think are abnormal. 

    Don’t run away from perceived problems only to be confronted by real s*xual perverts out there. What goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is mostly sweet.

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