I got married last year June.and I got pregnant last year December.
Me and my husband never dated.He met me through his friend that got married to my girl friend.since this year he has been beaten me despite my condition.
I don’t know how a responsible man could stand and be beaten woman that is carrying his first child.He only paid my bride price,and now he’s saying we should go and register for marriage courts for d wedding this December. All I think now is to wait and give birth to my child because if I leave him now,is going to be very hard on me and my unborn baby.
He beats me even to d extent of biting and carrying weapon on me. He warned me never to touch his phone or else he permits me.

He’s now locking his phone.I never have peace of mind since this year.He has beaten me up up to 5times this year.I just thank God that my baby is still kicking despite the beatings. Please I want to leave him for good.
Is it a good decision or am I making a mistake.I don’t want to go blind because he’s always targeting my eyes whenever he beats me.
On d second taught,still thinking if any man will still wants to marry me if they find out that I was once married and even have a child. Am 24 and he’s 36. He always said that even if I leave that no man will agree to marry because I already have comma.

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