Here’s why you should NEVER let her go!
True love cannot be found easily, and especially not in today’s world. You see, people are so busy chasing so many things nowadays, that they barely ever stop to fully admire one thing or one person. They’re always trying to find something new, something presumably better. Only a few people actually stick around. Finding someone who genuinely loves you and cares for you is, without a doubt, one of the hardest things to do. Everyone’s running after something; make sure that you find someone who’s willing to take you along with them. A ‘partner’ is literally someone who goes along with you every step of the way.

As I mentioned, there are only a few people who actually stick around are worth the wait. If such a person does come in your life, then you should make sure that you hold onto them strongly and fight for them. Hold these people near and dear to your heart. Let them know their worth, make them realise yours.
There are certain signs which help you in identifying whether your guy is the perfect guy, the one or not. You can never be too sure, so here’s a helping hand:
1. She is a constant support through every situation
Finding someone compatible to us can be hard, finding someone who’s willing to stay with us through thick or thin is even harder. An ideal partner is probably someone who’ll never grow tired of us. A person who’s willing to
hear us out at the end of every day. A shoulder to cry on. A person to laugh along with. If you want to live a long and happy life with your partner then you better be sure that your partner is the type to stay. The main problem with people these days is the fact that people get bored easily.
When you have that one person whom you can always count on, then poof! All your problems are gone forever. You never have to think that you have to go through anything alone anymore. You’ll have someone to depend on. I mean, the going gets tough right? But, would it really be that bad if you had someone who’d care for you and love you? Having a partner who’ll be your best friend and your girlfriend or boyfriend will help you get through any difficulty you face.
2. She is your definition of beautiful
Beauty is something that cannot be just defined by just a single thing or by just one person’s definition. Beauty is a cascade of so many little things. If your girl is your explanation and your idea of beautiful, perfect and awesome then make sure that you cherish her, love her and appreciate her each and every single day. If you find her beautiful even during the moments when others do not then you are

truly in love with her. If you think of her every single day, not even every second but just take a moment out of every day to appreciate the person you’re in love with, then you genuinely care about them.
While I admit that everyone has their own specific definition of beauty, I must admit that some people have some ridiculous standards. They want so many things in just one person. It’s their unrealistic standards which is why they’re alone to this day. People try to implement their standards on us and make us change the way we see our partner. What you need to realise is that these unrealistic standards shouldn’t affect you. You found this person beautiful before too and that shouldn’t change no matter what anyone says.
3. She is kind and gives you plenty of attention
This is a trait you just cannot overlook. Compassion and kindness are essentials if you expect a partner to be ideal. This world lacks kindness on so many levels that at some point, you reach a limit where you just begin to hate human beings. But there is a portion of people in this world who are so kind by heart that you just want them to become a permanent part of your life for as long as you live. This is because being with them inspires you to be a good person. So if you find a girl who is kind and also listens to you with intent and pays much attention to you then make sure you never let her go.
When someone pays attention to you, they look after everything that concerns you. They know what you like and dislike without you telling them and even if they don’t know what’s going on in your life, they make an effort to find out. They feel like they need to let you know just how much you mean to them. This isn’t done in a way which might exceed limits, it’s basically the little things they do.
Like, getting you your favourite ice cream if they see that you’re down or taking you out on a day you aren’t feeling like your usual self. They mold themselves according to your choices and when you see that happening then you will automatically feel that this is the girl I want to spend my eternity with. Like this is the person who I can trust and know that they’ll never leave.
4. She is full of positive vibes.
Life is full of so many negative things and if among all that negativity you find a girl who can bring positive vibes and energy in your life, then you should really not ask for something better because that is pure bliss. Living a boring and monotonous life can be very tiring so if a girl tries to bring some kind of adventure in your life, then let her do it because in all sense of the matter, it is healthy for you and you will also have fun.
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