Yours sincerly attended an award ceremony over the weekend and after the awards, I decided to chill at  PW VIP strip club somewhere at Isolo. That was where I ran into a married male friend of mine. In tow was a lady who I also knew from instagram. The babe was so pretty and endowed that any right thinking man would want her. I must confess that I even tried my luck on line though I always have wondered why she is yet to settle down but I got my answers that night.
The shameless girl whom I had so much respect for her beauty initially was busy serenading the man with lap dances, kisses and every erotic move in the book. Massaging his rotund stomach and calling him baby.. A man with wife and kids at home. I was sad. That brings me to the gist of the day as written by Blog reader Kenechukwu.
s not willing to let you go. Suitors are coming and you are busy enjoying the wealth and affluence.
You look at them as small boys who shouldn’t come anywhere close to you. Your sugar daddy is by the corner asking why you want to get married. He has even promised to make you a “bigger” babe. You have agreed with him and you believe you don’t need the marriage of a thing. I put it to you that you are one of the most foolish people on earth even when you believe you are smart. One day, you shall wake up to know that you missed the most beautiful thing in life.
Your sugar daddy who is telling you not to bother about marriage is married and have grown up children. He travels with you and goes about his business while all you do is wait for him in the hotel room to return and possibly shop endlessly. He has given you so much money that you feel on top of the world. He can only be with you for as long as your body is fresh. Give yourself some years and he is gone in search of a younger fresher blood. Give yourself five years and compare your pictures. You are hot now abi? You shall soon get cold by the time your age mates start inviting you for their daughters’ wedding.
Why can’t you be wise, settle down, have your own children and build yourself a Godly home?
Sugar daddy is not the only one singing those tunes in your ears; some frustrated demonic agents on social media are gradually leading you to hell and misery with their updates that are devil inspired. They make you believe you don’t need a man if you are successful. To them, it’s about career and good money. You watch some society women and celebrities live like they don’t need a man. I won’t believe any woman who tells me she doesn’t need a man.. .. ..It’s two things: either she is afraid to have a real man to call a husband because she knows she cannot handle him or she simply can’t have a man. And mind you; many of them are now sick and so they need fellow women more than they need men. What they should tell you is that they don’t want a real man; they have boys who warm their beds for material gain.
And I hope you know what is in vogue for them-doing all kinds of fetish and demonic things for wealth, connection, and power. Since they are your role models, please get ready to do it their way. But have it at the back of your mind that every Satan’s gift has an expiry date and when it comes, it’s with tears.
Refuse to be recruited by these ones.
If you continue the way you live now, you will join the league of women who pay boys to warm their bed instead of having a real man to proudly call their own.
Be wise!”
By Ikonso Kene

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