society where the man is expected to always make the first moves. He’s expected to be the first to chat a lady up, ask her out on a date, propose marriage to her and even initiate s€x. Hence, this makes it a lot more difficult for a woman to get a man to marry her than it is for a man to get a woman to marry.
I’m a man, so I have written from a man’s perspective on the subject. The following should give you the needed insight that will naturally elude most women. Now back to the original question; how can I get a man to marry me? The answer is simple; be the most
qualified woman for him to marry. The process of being that kind of a woman is not as simple. The following tips will guide you…
1. Smile… a lot. Just smile. There is nothing as attractive as a woman’s face beaming with radiant smiles. It is alluring. Most men find it extremely charming. It also conveys a confident lovable personality. Laugh to his jokes, including the not-so-funny ones. You can at least laugh at him without making things look awkward. It makes you look real and relatable. When you go for an interview and you see your interviewers smiling, how do you feel? Positive. Optimistic. Confident. Right? That is the same way he feels when you smile to him. A smile is also a subtle but unnoticeable way to say “It’s okay to ask me out. I don’t bite.” Most guy will get the message without even knowing it was a message.
2. Show some green light. Many men find it difficult to take things to the next level with women for different reasons. Some are scared to

ose her friendship if she doesn’t see them in that way. Some guys are just scared of commitment. Others are simply awfully timid. They lose their composure and even their voice at the most crucial moment. The thought of it alone can paralyze the tongue of some guys. So you might have to help such a guy. Not by doing his job for him, but by making it easy for him. A reassuring smile will give him hints that the feeling is mutual; this will encourage him to face his demon and take things to the next level with you.
3. Be friendly and easy to get along with. This is not about showing green lights. It’s about being a pleasant person. Men naturally flock around pleasant ladies. It is bliss to be able to be himself around her without her making him feel like an endangered species. Be kind. Smile a lot. There is no better way to make people feel welcomed and good about themselves. Don’t judge people. Never be caught fighting someone, it is very unattractive and even scary to see a lady do that.
Show genuine interest in others by listening when they talk and seeking to understand them. We are in a noisy world. Everyone wants to talk, but no one wants to listen. Be the listening ear. Be the one he always wants to talk to because he knows you will listen and not judge him. Trust me, when it comes to spending the rest of his life with someone, your chances are very high because he his certain he would be getting married to his friend.
4. Be a ‘wife material’. Who is a wife material? Simply put, it’s someone who has qualities of a good wife. Now the question is; what qualities do men seek for in their women? The answer may differ from man to man, but some things are basic to most men. Men want a great cook like their mothers. Someone who can satisfy them $e xually and emotionally. Someone they can look forward to going home to

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