Sometimes, it is not just the big things like being unfaithful and violent that could make break up a relationship but at times some little things which people do and overlook, thinking they don’t matter can actually ruin a relationship and lead to its end.
Below are some little things that can lead to the breakdown of even the most romantic relationship.
Nonchalance attitude: “Nonchalance is a huge reason why many relationships end in break up, rather than moving up the next level. it’s nonchalance that would make one care little about his/her partner’s feelings and it’s nonchalance that would make a partner deem it unnecessary to apologise or show their love for their partner; many relationships have broken down for this simple act of nonchalance”.
Blowing things out of proportion: “Sometimes, partners have to learn to overlook each other’s flaws; making a situation out of every little thing is a huge problem in many relationships. Blowing things out of proportion would definitely lead to lots of fights and quarrels and this is never healthy for your relationship”.
Poor communication: “We all know how communication is an important part of a relationship; communication promotes understanding, communication makes partners feel as one, communication shows that you care — communication would help sustain a relationship but interestingly, not many partners take communication serious, and this would definitely lead to a breakdown of that relationship in the long run”.
Constant criticising and complaining: “When all you do is complain and criticise your partner, your relationship with that person is bound to end someday because constant nagging, complaining and criticisms can make one get tired of a relationship”.
Immaturity: “It takes maturity to have a successful relationship; it takes maturity to be a responsible partner, to be an understanding partner and to be a partner who can say “I’m sorry” when wrong; when maturity is lacking in a relationship, breakup is never far away”.
Little white lies: “A lot of people tend to tell lots of little white lies and feel it’s okay, but it’s never okay; it’s disrespectful to always lie to your partner and this would kill the trust in that relationship, trust is important for a relationship to be successful and when trust is lacking, then chaos might take over”.
Withholding your emotions: “Some people hold back a lot of emotions in their relationships and this is unfair; if you are sad over something, you ought to let your partner know and you also have to show your partner how much you love and care about them, rather than withholding how you really feel”.
Not making your partner feel valued: “You ought to make your partner feel loved, valued, cherished and cared for; when partners do this to each other, the relationship moves smoothly, however, when your partner doesn’t feel loved and valued, the relationship would suffer and ultimately lead to a breakup”.
Being too demanding and giving too little: “Many partners expect the world from their partner and give so little in return; this is so unfair, for you to expect much from your partner, you should be ready to give as much too because being too demanding and giving little in return can be exhausting to your partner”.
Holding grudges and keeping scores: “Some people don’t only find it difficult to forgive but they also hold grudges and keep scores a lot; this is a terrible thing to do in a relationship, and when you always hold grudges, you keep the relationship at a standstill”.

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