Contrary to the popular belief among people especially men that money is the ultimate thing women find interesting in a man but there are lots of other things that women do consider attractive in a man, and if as a man, you are able to pull them off effortlessly, only a few women would be able to turn you down so easily.
Do not be deceived; women aren’t all about the money and material things. Below are some things women find attractive in men
LOOKING GOOD: “The same way men like a woman who knows how to look good, women also find a good-looking man very attractive, in fact, how good or bad you look as a man can go a long way in affecting what impression you leave on a woman, from your skin to your teeth, nails, and dressing, women notice everything and if you cover every area well, they’ll fancy you. It’s not really all about facial beauty; of course, that is an added advantage for anyone, but it’s more about your ability to look neat and smooth effortlessly”.
 SMELLING GOOD: “This is a part a lot of people don’t seem to attach enough importance but it is as important as looking good, there’s something appealing about a good-smelling person and women love it, you mustn’t have an obnoxious body odour before you think about getting a good cologne and every fashionable and right-thinking man ought to have one, it is a good fashion accessory, and you’re incomplete without it”.
BEING FUNNY: “The ability to make people laugh is a rare quality, so this makes the few who can pull it off seem very special, ever wondered why comedians have beautiful women in their lives? You think it’s because they’re rich? —not exactly true, women love to laugh; so once any guy is able to crack them up, they’re automatically endeared to him”.
SMILING: “Nothing is as welcoming as a genuine smile, it gives people the impression that you are warm, friendly, tolerant and accommodating— everything women want in a man, they don’t want someone who’s too serious about everything, they want someone who’s genuinely friendly, and a smile sells you out as that sort of person and smiling also makes you look charming and adorable”.
TALKING SOFTLY: “I don’t know what and why, but there’s something attractive to women about a soft-spoken man; a man who doesn’t talk very loudly or too inaudibly, but speak with a soft, tender tone. Women fancy it, and this is a fact”.

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