Like everything that is good there are some tiny details about it that won’t be so pleasant after all, while most men love bl0wjobs (there are still some men who don’t like it at all), there are some things that women do during bl0wjob that men hate. Things that men would rather not see happen while receiving a bl0wjob and listed below are some of those things. So ladies, take note.
False alarm on orgasm: “This can be quite embarrassing, false alarm is when you alert your partner about the orgasm approaching and it doesn’t, it’s quite annoying because when you alert them, they put more passion into what they’re doing to make the orgasm more thrilling”.
Late announcement of orgasm: “This can lead to a very unpleasant situation especially if your partner had told you of their discomfort in having cum in their mouth, this can lead you to being cut off from your favourite foreplay act for at least a month depending on how tough your babe is”.
The way you flee when he’s about to climax: “Ladies, men get it that some of you are not really on board for bl0wjobs and just do it because you want to please them and with that in mind, a d!ck that is about to ejaculate isn’t an explosive device, no need to run for cover as this is a ridiculous turn off”.
Insecurity about their junk: “Yes, they are also very concerned about it, from the shape to the length and also the thickness, more importantly the smell, men are also sensitive about that, and they always hope the smell doesn’t make you puke”.
The length of the bl0wjob: “If men begin to wonder how long the blowjob should be, it’s only going to make it worse because there will be a crisis of conscience, the first will be not cum too quickly that he look like a one minute man, and secondly not to take too long that it seems he is not interested in what is happening”.
The purpose of the blowjob: “As we all know, there are a few reasons for a bl0wjob, it can be appetiser for the main meal, and for some people it is the main meal because of their current state of mind because if the guy has already has an orgasm, the interest of s3x comes down in his mind which might lead him to leave his lady hanging which is terrible”.
Absentmindedness during the bl0wjob: “Once a man feel that the lady isn’t feeling it as much as she should, if its looking like a chore more than a pleasing exercise, he can begin to get worried, which will make it even worse so if you’re not really into it that time, don’t do it”.
No need talking through a bl0wjob: “This might be as challenging as trying to keep eyes open during a sneeze, it’s bond to be very dangerous and not needed, leave it be”.
Teeth: “The pain of this can be unbearable, and even worse it can lead a man to walk in awkward positions so try to avoid your teeth brushing against the d!ck, it can lead to a lot of pain, and this is most importantly is the reason why some guys don’t like bl0wjob”.

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