We have lots of men in the world today but the problem most ladies face is that most of the men they come across are fake.
To get a real man, one need to be able to identify a fake man when you meet one.
Here are 6 signs your man is fake
He does not want you to meet his friends and does not want to meet yours: “You know your boyfriend is fake if he doesn’t want you to meet his friends and he avoids meeting yours too; a man who does this isn’t planning to be around but just wants to have your cookies and move to the next available woman so ladies, no matter how nice and caring he is, if he isn’t willing to open his world to you, he is fake and you shouldn’t be with him”.
He is always on his phone and his phone is out of bound: “Ladies, if your man always quickly makes a call the moment you leave him alone, you are with a fake man, if you also find him texting all the time while you are having a conversation with him, or you find that he never lets you see what he does with his phone, you are dating a fake guy”.
He is happy to date you even when you are in a relationship: “A man who truly and sincerely loves you won’t want to share you with another man; if he tells you that he is comfortable dating you even when you are in a relationship, you should avoid that man as plague because he is fake”.
He makes negative statements about other women always: “You need to watch it if he always makes negative statements about other women, if he sees all women as cheats and gold diggers, you can’t possibly be the only woman who is different no matter what he tells you; avoid men that make negative comments about women because they are fake”.
He constantly lies: “Lies and trust don’t go together and you shouldn’t be with someone you can’t trust; there is never a good reason to lie’if you find him constantly telling lies about stuffs, you shouldn’t be with him because he is fake”.
He claims to be exclusive but he is on several dating sites: “People use dating sites to meet up with potential dates so what’s your man doing on dating sites if he claims he isn’t cheating on you? if he is dating you and he’s still on dating sites, you shouldn’t be with that man”.

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