If you’ve ever been dumped and didn’t see it coming at all, maybe that’s because it wasn’t coming until you did something inexcusable, there are a few behaviors on which men have a zero tolerance policy, these are things that, once a person does them, they tell you exactly what they’re about”.
There is a huge difference between a mistake and a major flaw, the same way there are things people don’t do just once and once you do these things in your relationship it tells your partner you are still going to do more and as a man with loads of pride he won’t want to take it.
Here are 11 things that will make a man break up with you on the spot without thinking twice.
You belittle his dreams, no man will tolerate a woman with negative energy and doesn’t believe in him because that kind of woman will definitely drag him down.
“You tell him how to spend money, if you try to tell a man what he can and can’t spend money on, he will feel like you’re his mother telling him he can’t buy do something with his money”.
“You purposefully make him jealous, if you accidentally make your partner jealous, it’s not ideal, but it’s forgivable but the second you purposefully make a man jealous, he will leave, for men, this is the ultimate sign of disrespect”.
“You care what others think if your partner doesn’t do anything that would make him look like he isn’t trustworthy, but you don’t care about that. Instead, you listen to what other people say if other people say you should like him, trust him, be with him, etc. you consider their opinions more than the actual man in question”.
 You belittle him in public, whatever the issue is—maybe he’s bad with money, he’s too loud, or he can’t pronounce a word properly—never criticise him for it in front of others, men want a partner who elevates them, and makes them look better/stronger/smarter not someone that belittles them at every point in time”.
You aren’t there in a tough time.
You invade his privacy.

You tell him who he can hang out with, nobody—man or woman—should be allowed to tell their partner who they can and cannot be friends with but men are very sensitive to people who try to control them, and will run immediately, there won’t even be a conversation about it”.
“Physical violence, make no mistake about it; men won’t stand for being slapped, scratched or pushed, even if you don’t cause him any real pain or injury, he’ll know you have anger issues”.
“You set ultimatums, ultimatums are unacceptable in all relationships, but for men, they’re a combination of all the worst things: they’re controlling, they’re demanding, and they’re manipulative”.
You’re always negative, n”obody wants to be around negativity! So if you don’t watch your tone, and only come up with something bad to say about every person/place/or event your partner mentions, you’ll be dumped”

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