https://hips.hearstapps.com/cos.h-cdn.co/assets/14/43/nrm_1413823758-asklogan-10-29-14.jpegPosition: “The one position you and your husband will thoroughly enjoy is the ‘doggy style’, most women think a man who want to take them from behind see them as sluts and some can’t even begin to think why their husbands would want to engage in ‘doggy style’ but this is one of the best s3x positions that can heighten the enjoyment for you and your partner; for men, this position allows him to have full control and achieve optimal penetration, while allowing him to fondle your sensitive areas such as your br3asts, your ear lobes, your neck and your back at the same time and the ‘doggy style’ position is also best for him to reach your G-spot, hence allowing you to experience orgasm better as compared to other positions”.
Explore your sensitive zones: “Men have many sensitive zones, the same as women do, and no, it’s not restricted to just his privates; when making out, caress and touch your man’s sensitive zones such as his ears, neck, chest and thighs. This is a big turn on for men, many men respond wildly to caresses on their ears, neck, chest and thighs during foreplay; to drive him wild with burning lust and desire, do not forget to stroke, caress or kiss these parts of his body and it will definitely work in setting him up for a round of red-hot passionate s3x”.
Always set the right mood: “Your man is just like you when it comes to being in the mood, therefore, you must always set the atmosphere right to get him into the mood for s3x because if he’s all stressed out from work, he won’t want to jump right into bed; take the time and effort to loosen him up, dress up in sexy lingerie, light some candles, play some romantic music, and have him relax over a nice dinner with a path of rose petals to the bedroom, it may sound cliché, but he will love you for this but remember, men are equally as romantic as women, they just don’t want you to know that”.
Use your hand to please your man: “Men love it when their partners use their hand to stimulate their privates, start off by stroking (in irregular patterns), your partner’s genitals slowly and gently in a teasing manner; slowly develop a pattern that he enjoys to heighten the experience and bring him to orgasm”.
The seductive art of the 0ral s3x: “Learning the art of oral s3x is the best and the most important advice, it can skyrocket the pleasure attained during s3x, not only for him, but for you as well but not many women actually master this art; you should not start by immediately sucking the tip of the p3nis but instead, start off by using your fingers to gently caress him first and slowly heighten his senses, and then use the tip of your tongue to tease him playfully, applying more pressure gradually as you make your way up to the tip; start using these tips tonight to bring lovemaking between you and your partner to new heights and increase the satisfaction in the bedroom arena and your man will keep coming back for more”.

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