At times, while taking care of the vag!na you might be doing more harm than good, it is been said that the vag!na has its own self-cleaning system; the vag!na maintains a balanced environment thanks to a bacteria present inside called lactobacillus, when you squirt, a douching mixture up there and it changes the normal acidic environment to a neutralised one.
Below are some things every lady should stop doing to their vag!na.
Do not steam your vag!na: “Sounds like a good idea right? not very much, your vag!na isn’t a carpet, no need to steam clean it”.
Seek professional, don’t self-medicate: “This has been one constant advice that relates to our physical health as much as s3xual health, this ones aren’t about those ones you buy over the counter, rather its those homemade remedies; you should never try to self-medicate with homemade remedies like garlic or tea tree oil”.
Don’t insert just any foreign object into your vag!na: “There is a list of things that can go into the vag!na, fingers, s3x toys, p3nis obviously and few other stuffs; avoid even fruits such as cucumbers, bananas or anything that looks like a d!ck, even when you sanitise them, they can cause serious irritation”.
The douching has to stop: “We all love when it smells like fresh roses down there, its beautiful, isn’t it?but the truth is that it isn’t supposed to smell like that and those products do exactly the wrong thing to the vaginal microbiome, making it more susceptible to infection”.

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