Pain during s3x is one of the most common things many women experience and s3x may hurt for various reasons and below are some reasons why sex might hurt your lady
Pain to the side when he’s thrusting: “This is such a killjoy, you’re feeling a stabbing pain that can be very painful before it relieves you while your partner is thrusting into you and this could be a case of ovarian cyst; if you’re over the menopausal stage is to consult your doctor because it can be warning for something else while in younger woman, it might be nothing to worry about, the vast majority of cysts are benign and cyclical, and they tend to disappear on their own”.
He just bumped something inside you: “This shouldn’t happen, but it has, a sharp pain in the inner region of the vag!na might be a sign of uterine fibroid, the rubbery, stalk-like benign growth in the uterus; research found that women with fibroid will three times have higher tendencies to experience painful s3x than woman without fibroid, the fibroid is probably jutting against the vag!na, and then your partner’s penis thrusts against it so you should also consult a doctor who can advise on how to treat it”.
It’s really painful in that position: “When this occurs, It can be as a result of endometriosis, it can range from an ache to intense pain, or pain all over the vag!na; this condition happens when endometrial tissue drifts outside the uterus and sticks to close body part like the ovaries and fallopian tubes, the lack of flexibility can make things hurt during s3x and a doctor consultation can proffer a good solution which could be medication to limit tissue growth, which brings down the pain or have it removed surgically”.
Deep penetration: “You’ve always liked deep penetration but recently, it hurts like crazy; this can be a case of tipped uterus, usually the uterus is aligned straight with the rest of your body, but some women are born with one that is tipped backward toward the pelvis, and that increases the odds that it gets jostled during s3x and it can be a weird body quirk but it won’t affect your health or pregnancy chances; the cure for this might be to control the s3x by being on top or tell your partner not to thrust deep”.

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