Getting rid of someone you truly loves whether current lover or ex is little bit easy if you\’re determined.
I\’m always asked by my fans and clients ” I have tried to get rid of my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend but it\’s seems so hard for me. What should I do?”
MY RESPONSE: Many people think getting rid of someone you truly loved is a one night automatic process. Nope. It takes time and effort and it all starts with you. How?
You have to get out of denial and accept the fact that the relationship ended and it was the right time for it to end, you have to forgive yourself for what you did wrong (the mess and unfulfilled promises), you have to forgive yourself for accepting the lies and foolery, you have to forgive
yourself for being led on and used and you have to forgive your ex for all the wrongs he/she did to you even though they didn\’t apologise to you.
When you forgive someone you relieve your heart from the load of anger and hate. And by doing that you create room for new things to come in.
After that first stage other things will follow like; letting your emotions loose, cutting off the communication, putting away the memory triggers, avoiding venturing in places you could go in together, avoiding getting any information from them through friends, avoiding boredom and loneliness by keeping around trusted friends and relatives, making yourself busy with something productive, pampering yourself, and lastly but not the least, praying for God\’s healing and guidance.
Trust me when you go through all this process which can either take a month, months or a year accordingly, you will fully heal and love again with lots of learnt lessons. Break ups should never worry you. They are part of life and they happen for reasons.

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