We all have our own insecurities to an extent even if we fail to admit it but there are different levels of insecurity, and many people have a high level of insecurity which is really bad for a relationship.
The feeling of insecurity arises from feeling inadequate about certain things of yourself; it could be your looks, your body size or shape, your job, your financial status and it’s basically anything that makes you feel less confident about yourself.
Feeling insecure is a sign of low self-esteem and it can harm your relationship massively because insecurity can even kill a relationship where your partner truly loves you.
Below are tips that point out you are an insecure partner.
You become easily jealous: “The feeling of insecurity would make you feel jealous even when you don’t have any reason to be, you become overly suspicious of your partner for the slightest reason, even when signs suggest that you shouldn’t and when you become jealous easily, you put your relationship at risk”.
Doubt your partner’s love: “Insecurity can even make you doubt the love your partner has for you even when the signs are glaring; insecurity would make you see yourself as being unworthy of being loved and such feeling would make you doubt the love your partner has, for little or no reason”.
You always cause a fight: “If not properly handled, insecurity can cause you and your partner to easily get into fights and arguments and this can kill your relationship; as complaining, nagging, jealousy and so many other vices that come with the feeling of insecurity can make you and your partner get into fights and arguments easily — and this would easily kill the love in that relationship”.
You become too clingy: “Your feeling of insecurity can cause you to become unnecessarily clingy, and this could really infuriate your partner; insecurity would make you cross boundaries that you aren’t meant to, and if you don’t have a partner that wants to be extra patient with you, your relationship would backfire”.
You make unnecessary comparisons: “Feeling of insecurity can push you to make unnecessary comparisons when you shouldn’t; it would push you to make comparisons with your previous relationship when you shouldn’t, it can also push you to make comparisons with a friend’s relationship for no justifiable reason and this is never healthy for your relationship”.

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