I just packed into a new house last month and things have been moving really fast for me. So much stress and I had spent a lot of money furnishing my apartment and moving stuffs. So, two weeks ago my neighbour came to my house to greet me(as new neigbour things) I was very excited because she was beautiful and around my age bracket. I told her to come in, this was around 11:00 am i offered her a drink and we were talking about so many things.
I found out she was just my type of girl quiet and intelligent. We talked about the previous tenants and she told me my house was fine. I was happy, I said finally all the stress from packing was worth it. She left by 6:45 pm that day. The next day, I saw her spreading clothes outside so I approached her, we greeted and she asked me if I’ve eaten. I said no so she said she cooked spaghetti and she would bring for me. She arrived with the food, I thought to myself this must be a wife material o. We were both eating till she said let her feed me. Like play like play I’d feed her and she’d feed me. Before I said Jack Robinson we were already kissing and smooching.
I wasn’t with my condom and I wasn’t prepared but I felt this girl was a nice and innocent girl. She probably just likes me. So I gently removed her clothes like a gentle man and we had $3x. I swore to myself I won’t release early or get tired so at least she would feel me and come back for more.
We enjoyed ourselves, we were happy and I know she enjoyed it as well, she held my hand and we were stack Un*cl@d gisting for about 20 minutes staring at each others eyes.
So eventually she went home.
After three days, I went to ease myself only to see white pus from my joystick that morning. I was so surprised. My heart started beating and I rushed to my phone I googled it and I got things like UTI, gonorrhea, staph, HIV. I was really scared. I called her, she came and she was normal. I didn’t tell her about it. I just wanted to find out if she purposely gave it to me but she seemed like she didn’t know. I travelled home to see my mum.
I went for test spent about 3k for urethral swab, blood test and urine analysis.
It came back positive for Staphylococcus. I was so annoyed at myself for not using a cond*m the same time relieved that it was negative for HIV. I spent a total of 9k on drugs and injection and I came back home. Mind you, I bought two packs of cond*m in case.
I like this girl and she likes me but I wasted one week treating the staph without telling her and if I tell her now she would see me as a bad person and I don’t know how she would react if I tell her she gave it to me. I’m really confused because I don’t want to lose the relationship. My mind is telling me not to tell her and continue using condom( she’s very sweet) but I love her and I don’t want it to be harmful to her but she may decide not to give me $3x again. I’m worried.
Please for matured minds okay. Its really important, life is at stake.

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