You are in your late 20s and early 30s and almost all your friends are married; including that ugly, short and fat Jane! Yet you think u are guilty of a number of these offenses:

1. You are too haughty. You are the “independent” type that acts as if you don’t give a damn about guys. Your oversized ego has beclouded your reason for so long to make you think you don’t need men and you can do well alone all by yourself. Typically, you will quickly size up the guy and bring him down with intimidating looks and sarcastic responses. Well, I suggest you marry yourself.
2. You are looking for Mr. Perfect. You want a well-built, neat, romantic, hardworking, honest, God-fearing, faithful, dark, tall and handsome gentleman from a good background who has a
good job, drive a good car and loves you unconditionally. I’m afraid that perfect guy you read about in a romantic novel isn’t real. He only exists in the writer’s imagination – and yours. Wake up gurl. You’ll never find a perfect guy –anywhere. Just like you, everyone else is imperfect. Accept that fact or wait for the guy to emerge from the book and marry you.
3. You smell desperate. Men have a special ability to smell desperation in a woman. Unfortunately,we find that odor very offensive and avoid it like a plague. Now your parents and friends are asking you frustrating questions about marriage, and you are so sick of those questions so you’d do anything to get the next available guy to marry you. You need a man so badly and justifiably so. Unfortunately for you, the more desperate you are, the less attractive men find you.
4. You pay too little attention to your appearance. You don’t want to look like a bitch. So you always dress down, doesn’t wear make ups and are unkempt. You are just pathetic. Even stunningly looking ladies are

still in the husband-haunting market; and you really think a guy will leave all the attractive women and come for you because he’s “good guy”? Well, if your goal is to have him sleep with you, some men won’t mind. But if it’s to get him to marry you, then, you are so mistaken. Haven’t you been told that men are visually stimulated?
5. You pay too much attention to your appearance. The fact that men are visually stimulated doesn’t mean they are unreasonable. Some men may make awkward choice of a s*x partner, but when it comes to a life partner, men are painstakingly selective. If not, you’d be married by now. Every man dreams of marrying a decent lady, not some bitch who won’t mind going naked on the street to get cheap attention.
6. You are rather too se x ually na├»ve. Each time he talks about s*x, you act like he has just committed a crime, because you are a virgin or you don’t want to appear promiscuous. When you do that you only make him wonder how boring or frigid you are in bed. Normal men like sex. And whether you want to agree to it or not, if he doesn’t have a hint that

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