The G-spot is a specific spot in a woman’s vag!na that is believed to be an extremely sensitive spot which can lead to an 0rgasm. The G-spot is believed to be located 1-3 inches along the front vag!nal wall.
Below are five s3x positions that will help you reach the Promised Land:
Doggy Style or Rear Entry: “Doggy style, better known as rear entry, is a s3x position that involves the woman on her knees facing away from the partner while having s3x; some variations can have the woman lying face down as well with a pillow under her belly for more leverage, these positions allow the guy a measure of control and a better chance to hit the G-spot”.
On the lap: “To do this extremely intimate and pleasurable s3x position, the man must be sitting on the edge of a bed or a chair and once, he is comfortable and under the spell of seduction- the woman has to sit on his lap facing him and with her legs on either side of his body; then, after inserting his penis into her vag!na, the woman can take control of the situation and experience deep penetration”.
Reverse Cowgirl: “This famous variation of the woman-on-top has the lady on top as usual but facing the other way; sometimes, it’s also called crab s3x but basically, it has the man lying down and the woman on top of him either kneeling or squatting, while he faces her back, it is a flexible position where a woman can either lean forward or backward or keep her torso straight, while the man can keep his legs straight or arched when done correctly, it’s great to hit the right spots”.
The Anvil: “While it’s a variation of the missionary, it’s considered a more advanced position; the basic difference is that instead of the woman’s legs on the bed, the position sees the woman’s leg on her partner’s shoulders; ergo the name the Anvil, this position is amazing because it allows deeper penetration and allows the penis to hit the elusive G-spot and also, the male’s pubic bone will come in contact with the clitoris for some delightful clitoral stimulation, which will be like a double jackpot and should make it too hot to handle”.

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