Some ladies are 100 percent loyal when they get into relationships, others aren’t. When a woman commits to a guy, it means she really loves and cares for him and will do everything in her power to make things work out. When you find her, make her stay because she’s totally a keeper. Here are 7 signs your woman would never be scared of loving you.
1. She constantly showers you with affection: She wants to treat you like a king because she cares a lot for your happiness.
2. She talks about her desires and feelings for you: She knows why she’s with you and isn’t afraid of telling you what she wants and when she wants it. This is because she’s pretty serious about you.
3. She isn’t scared of telling you the truth: She practically tells you everything that goes on in her life. Her past and how she sees the future included, her take on life too.
4. She’s stayed with you for a long time: She is pretty comfortable and very familiar with you.
5. She’s sees you as part of her inner circle: Her family know and love you. Her best friend is practically your buddy. These people will put her back on track when she falls out of line with you.
6. She’ll love you unconditionally: She tells you with everything she does that she’s deeply in love with you. Even when both of you have big fights, she reminds you while sorting out your issue that you are still special.

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