If you’re not big on foreplay, you will probably be wondering what the fuss about foreplay is all about. Foreplay is not one of those things you do for the sake of thing it is a prelude to s3x and you need to bring your A-game because studies have shown women love it.
Foreplay is a beautiful thing if you can relax and enjoy it, and not be in such a haste; it helps build s3xual arousal.  The act of touching, kissing, licking and sucking to focus on pleasure is a great way to show your partner how much you care about them.
Below are 5 things you can do as a man during foreplay that your partner will enjoy.
Mind the n!pples: “Guys typically love to suck b00bs but the n!pples are one of the most erogenous parts of the body, they can be super sensitive; light touch or even breeze can be so stimulating to them, continuous stimulation of the n!pples called to an orgasm called n!pplegasm so, pay special attention to them; to begin with, you might want to start with gentle caressing and sucking then you can work your way up, paying special attention to how your partner reacts”.
Kiss her neck: “Kissing her neck is a major part of foreplay; asides from the lips, it’s another point of hot, wet and intimate contact especially for women, focus more on this, try grazing your partner’s neck softly, then take it down to her shoulders, it will create more tension with you teasing her neck, and make for an enjoyable s3x”.
Leave the panties on: “Don’t just take off the cloth, enjoy making out with the clothes on, pleasure her through the clothes; it is a form of torture for sure, but it’s a beautiful torture and the anticipation will be through the roof when you’re both naked and ready to go down”.
Talk dirty: “Depending on who you’re with; talking dirty or nasty during foreplay heightens the sensation, the talk about what you’d like them to do makes the experience more pleasing, it is like sexting except they’re there with you so whispering dirty things while making out can be super cool for you and your partner”.
Work on the sacrum: “There are several erogenous zones in a human body, and one of the most ignored perhaps is the scarum, it’s located at the low back, above the buttocks, it contains sacral nerves, which directly link to the genitals; you can stimulate them by stroking, massaging or licking your partner’s sacrum to increase the heat and it has been recorded that some people almost get orgasm due to the stimulation of this area”.

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