There are certain things men do when dating a woman, that women really detest. While many women have left so many relationships because of these acts, a lot of women tend to hope things get better. But one thing is for sure, no woman wants these in her relationship.
Every woman who is genuinely interested in love and being loved hates the below listed things.

Pretence: “Women want men who would be genuine and true to them; no woman wants a man who wants to take them for a ride, or who pretends to be serious about them when he isn’t”.
Unfaithfulness: “Every woman detests an unfaithful man; no woman wants to be in a relationship where she would be cheated on.
Competition: “Women love to feel safe in their relationships; they love to know that it’s just them and they aren’t competing with some other person for their man’s love and attention”.
Assumptions: “Women want their men to try and understand them a lot better, by listening to them and paying attention to them; no woman wants a relationship with a man who only assumes but knows nothing about her”.
Unnecessary criticisms: “Every woman wants to be appreciated by her man and not criticised all too often, unnecessary criticisms make her feel she’s not worth it”.
Lack of attention and affection: “No woman wants to be in a relationship where she’d have to beg for her man’s attention and affection; it’s something she expects at all times”.
Lack of commitment: “Every woman wants a fully committed man, who is ready to have a committed relationship, who’s ready to make the relationship work and who cares about the future of the relationship; no woman wants a nonchalant relationship with a man she cares about”.

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