DON’T TRY TOO HARD TO CONVINCE A WOMAN TO LIKE YOU: “You can make a woman like you, but you don’t have to try too hard to achieve that, if you’re meant to be, it won’t take too long for you guys to click; if you have to try too hard to impress her, it simply means that she isn’t really yours, and if you keep pestering her, you might just end up irritating her, and earn yourself disrespect; you diminish your ego when you have to beg and beg a woman for love”.
WOMEN DON’T LIKE NICE GUYS: “Some men think just because they were nice to a woman by holding the door for her and doing other nice stuffs, they deserve s3x with the woman so when she refuses him, he concludes by saying women don’t like nice guys, just because you were nice to her doesn’t mean she must date you, please stop being pathetic”.
YOU’RE NOT LIKE OTHER WOMEN, YOU’RE COOL: “Making this statement means you are insinuating women are generally lame and you are happy to meet a cool woman among the lame gender, this is so wrong; no woman would enjoy such remarks”.
GIRLS ONLY WANT TO MARRY RICH GUYS: “Guys that generally make such comments are guys with a very low-esteem who can’t take care of themselves because no confident man would make such statements, so when you say that to a woman, you come across to her as a man lacking confidence and self-esteem who is probably dead broke”.
WOMEN ARE CRAZY: “When you tell a woman that you think women are crazy, I wonder if you expect her to be happy and probably clap for you for actually saying that and if you think women are crazy, please avoid all women”.

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