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There are so many reasons why someone would suddenly grow tired of their relationship, and decide to dump their partner and it’s not only men that can dump a woman,  women can also dump men.
Guys,  here are some reasons why you can get dumped by a woman.

Too shady: “Lies, lies, excuses, and more excuses — when you stop or aren’t being straight and honest with your partner, you give her a reason to lose interest in you, because no one wants to be in a relationship where they’re perpetually in the dark or be with someone who isn’t straight with them, women want to know your every dealing when they’re in a relationship with you; including the friends you keep, what you do for a living and your every move, when they don’t get that sort of openness and honesty from you, they may get the impression that you’re not committed to the relationship enough”.
YOU’RE A BORE: “A relationship isn’t a prison where people get in and lose their social; It is meant to be fun, thrilling, inspiring, and adventurous, when these are lacking in any relationship, it becomes bland, and believe me, it will not last long enough and as the man in the relationship, you’re expected to keep it alive by being fun, outgoing, romantic and as unpredictable as possible, surprise her with presents and sweet texts/ notes, take her out to fun places often, and give her amazing treats because sometimes, love isn’t enough; it is things like these that keep a relationship going and a man who doesn’t know how to keep his woman will definitely lose her to another”.
YOU’RE COMFORTABLY BROKE: “It’s not a sin to be broke; we’ve all been, at one point in our lives; however, it is very depressing to be broke, jobless and do nothing to change that, when you’re that sort of person, no sane woman would want to be around you because no sane woman likes the smell of stagnation and limitations, women, and people generally like to see potential, and promise of a better tomorrow and when you’re comfortably broke, she doesn’t see any of that, all right- thinking women would dump you, and move on if they realize that you’re jobless and broke, and doing nothing about it because they know there’s no hope for a brighter future with you”.
YOU HAVE AN UNCONTROLLABLE TEMPER: “If you are a ‘woman beater’, or the type of man who cannot keep his temper in check, shouts on top of his voice, and tosses objects around when he’s angry, chances are you have full blown violence locked up in you somewhere, and soon enough, it’ll be unleashed on someone— no woman would want to be that unlucky ‘someone’”.

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