1.The one who keeps suggesting better options for you:
There will always be this one friend who’ll make you feel like no guy is good enough for you. No matter how handsome or how funny or how accomplished your guy is, she will find a reason t dislike him and encourage you to just keep looking. And what will make this situation odder i that she won’t ever have a solid explanation for why she doesn’t like this one.

2.The one who can’t stop flirting with your boyfriend:
You’re not the girl who would mind if her boyfriend and her friends are close with each other. You actually want it that way! You want them to share jokes, have meaningful conversations and get along well. But in between all the fun and talks they share, you can’t help but notice this one friend who always takes the joke little too far, who really tries to dig deep into whatever your partner is saying, and who never waits to ask your boyfriend to dance with her when you’re at a party together. So you always feel a little cautious around her and try to make sure she doesn’t put any actual moves on your relationship.
3. The one who can’t stop telling stories of your past boyfriends to your guy:
Now this last kind of friend is probably one of the most dangerous ones to keep around. Everyone has a past, a past where they made some huge mistakes, hooked up with some extremely weird people and did things that they never want to remember.
So if you have a friend who loves digging into this past of yours every time she meets your guy, then try and keep her far. As far away from your man as possible!

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