Ever wondered why your partner gets tired of kissing you or is not always in the mood to lock lips with you? Forget all the excuses he/she have been giving you, it is simply because your kissing act is what is called a ‘lip sore’; it lacks intimacy and it’s dead.
What most people don’t know is that, kissing involves more than just joining lips together; it brings intimacy, connects two souls, builds passion, it is the king of foreplay and it is much more than you think it is and a little mistake can ruin all that.
Most people make different kissing mistakes on a regular basis without even knowing and in some situations, both partners are even terrible kissers and they both make several kissing mistakes at the same time.
Here are frequent mistakes people make when kissing.
Same old pattern: “This accounts for many reasons why kissing gets so unromantic in a relationship; if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time with your partner, you should try to spice up your kissing, make it different every now and then, the mistake people make is that they kiss the same way year in, year out; this can make kissing your partner so boring and predictable”.
No involvement: “By no involvement, I mean when the kissing is just dry, no fondling, no hands around the neck, and no hands around the head; you might think that kissing is just about the lips, but that’s a big mistake; kissing without bringing the body movement along is flat and that is terrible”.
Too much tongue: “In a bid to impress a partner with kissing, people often make this mistake; the whole tongue thing might be cool but when it gets too much, it could become annoying and choking as well so try not to overdo it, keep it calm and your partner would enjoy it the more”.
Stale kissing: “Stale kissing is the worst mistake you could ever make; truth be told, stale kissing kills the passion and makes it difficult for someone to ever kiss you again, stale kissing happens when you get kissed without really kissing back and people do this without knowing; they try to enjoy the kiss and forget that they ought to kiss back”.
Bad breath: “This is another mistake many people aren’t aware of; try to keep the mouth fresh before kissing, mints can come in handy, don’t eat things like soup and fish and then kiss almost immediately; it would leave a foul smell and it won’t make kissing nice but when the breath is fresh, the lips become even more attractive, the scent of a fresh breath is a turn on and a foul smell is a turn off”.
Too fast, too furious: “I don’t know if people think kissing is like car racing; where are you in a hurry to?people make that mistake of being too aggressive in their kissing and it’s a terrible mistake to make so kiss gently, kiss passionately and you would love the outcome, don’t be in a hurry for absolutely nothing”.

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