Here are list of things guys do when preparing for s*x… This is kinda funny though. The last one got me like  
1. When we shower, we shower hard because we can’t afford to be smelling when the deed is done.

2. When we brush, we brush like there is no tomorrow unless you want the girl to turn her head 360 degrees just to avoid kissing you.

3. We do push ups like there is no tomorrow because we want to look s*xy.

4. We clean hard when cleaning because you can’t afford to have your house smelling when we are smashing.

5. We take energy drinks for more energy
6. We even mix with man power like Alomo Bitters, Ponkriyon, Soboton. For those that needs it
 7. We shave thoroughly to be fresh and clean because we won’t want to injure someone’s daughter with those hairs.

8. We put on our best underwear and spray it with perfume to look s*xy when we eventually disrobe.

9. We visit the rest room because pausing at the middle of the journey to Jerusalem won’t be very nice, it would kill the mood for both you and the girl.

10. We practice our s*xy voice and try to sound like James Earl Jane because nobody’s voice is s*xier than the voice of Mufasa.

11. Finally, we sit in fear for few minutes hoping the girl does not call to cancel the appointment.

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