Talking dirty during s3x help heighten pleasure as it helps give your partner feedback that they are doing the right thing and gingers them to do more and in case you are not doing it, you’re missing out on a lot. Talking dirty is something that can be learnt if you want to and it let you and your partner take your s3xuality to another level but just remember to do it with someone you care about, so you can get over the awkwardness of talking dirty.
Below are a list of words that you can use as a lady during s3x that will go a long way in exciting your partner as words can do alot during s3x, so use these words to make s3x better for both of you
“F*ck me harder baby”: “Guys love to hear this, its literally a signed memo authorising them to go town, harder than before; when the guy hears this, he assumes the lady enjoys it and would love it harder, a feedback that will be mostly welcomed by the guy”.

“Yes”: “Depending on how it is said, this is instructive that the guy continue with what he is doing, add more consistency to it; for a guy, this feedback is welcomed because he is then sure that what he is doing is effective”.
“Let me suck you dry tonight”: “This line will get your guy crazy, the thought that you wanna have his d!ck for dinner will make him incredibly good; even give him instant boner for just hearing that, because the mind projects that he will get sucked till he reaches orgasm”.
“You’re making me horny”: “Saying this line alone has made his day; the thought of him teasing you and it’s producing a decent result is more than okay for him to feel good about himself”.

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