You become an open book: “Revealing too many details about yourself in the early stages of a relationship is a strict no-no even if it feels like a lifetime connection”.
Don’t be too available always: “This is one mistake people make and regret later for two reasons; one, their partner takes them for granted and secondly when you won’t have time because of your work or personal schedule, it may lead to arguments and constant fights”.
Don’t attack your partner or be defensive if the conversation isn’t going your way: “This might scare your partner or even brainwash you to not take the dating scene forward, please always be open to your partner’s thoughts and perspective”.
Don’t broadcast your relationship: “Some people are too desperate to reveal every detail of this new person in their life to everyone, even put it on social media, you hardly know the person and are not even sure if it will remain all rosy after a few months; take it easy before you become the news in town”.
Don’t be too adjusting early on in the relationship: “A few adaptations might be necessary but don’t bend over backwards for your partner, go that extra mile or make that effort to make things work between the two of you at a later stage”.

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