When it comes to the female organ, there are several facts men don’t really know and some women don’t know too and certain misconceptions that everybody deem as facts also.
Here are some facts about the female organ that every man should know.
There is nothing like being revirginised: “There is a myth among men that when a woman abstains from s3x for a long time, she could become a virgin again; this myth is far from reality; the vag!nal muscles might only be tense at first, but it would still retain its normal size”.
No s3x after childbirth: “It is important for men to know that they shouldn’t have s3x with their woman for at least six weeks after childbirth because the vag!na needs time to heal after childbirth and the risk of infection is high at this point”.
Not every woman reaches the big “O” from intercourse alone: “A lot of men become worried when they notice that they can’t guide their woman to the highest height of pleasure but research has shown that about 75 percent of women have never reached such heights from s3xual intercourse alone so, you don’t have to lose confidence if that’s the case with you; rather try other measures to guide your woman to 0rgasm”.
What you call the vag!na is not really vag!na: “A lot of men and even women don’t really know the difference between the vulva and the vag!na; the vag!na is the muscular passageway that connects the vulva to the cervix, while the vulva is what most people call the vag!na; it’s the visible part of the genitalia ranging from cl!toris to the labia and the urethra — it’s literally everything you can see”.
Most women rarely shave as they get older: “A lot of men love it neat around there, but research has shown that as a woman gets older, she’s less likely to get rid of those pubic hairs”.
The vag!na expands when aroused: “The woman’s vag!na expands twice its size when aroused, but sits at 3 – 4 inches when she isn’t aroused; there is more muscular tension in her body when she’s aroused, and this draws the uterus upward and in turn creating more space in the vag!na”.
The cl!toris are way longer than what you see: “Ordinarily, the clits you tend to see is barely 2 inches, but don’t be deceived — it’s way longer than that; yhe actual cl!ts size is between 6 – 7 inches”.
The vag!na gets erect too: “Just as men get erect because of their corpus cavernosa, women also get erect as well, as the clits have a pair of corpus cavernosa inside of it so when aroused, it becomes more sensitive and increase in size just as blood flow increases”.

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