Sometimes one might be the most beautiful or good-looking persons but still find it hard to get a special person in one’s life, and the ones that come your way leave before you even notice.
There are several attractive people out there who find themselves with this issue, and think that there is something really wrong with them or they have a bad luck spell but the truth is there are some habits can make you undateable, and you may not even know if you aren’t conscious and the worst part with such habits is that you wouldn’t even know you are undateable.
Below are some of those habits you should be wary of:

Ego: “Ego is a trait that can make one undateable; it’s a turn off for many and can even hide your charming qualities; feeling on top of the world would chase away many people from you’.
You are too clingy: “Being too clingy especially after meeting someone new can make the other person lose interest; being clingy passes a message of insecurity, and it can as well be an irritating habit”.
You don’t care about your looks: “You ought to care about your looks, you ought to care about how you dress; it can either make people attracted to you the more or make them lose interest, not even the Most Beautiful Girl in the World would be crowned thus if she appears in shattered looks but a lot of people are nonchalant about their looks without realising that it makes them look less attractive”.
Always wanting things your own way: “You might have the looks or charm to attract someone or lots of people your way but always wanting things your way is one habit that can chase them within weeks or months of dating you; trying to always have things your way or acting like you’re right all the time, perfect and without flaws would definitely make you undateable”.
You always busy: “Some people are busy every minute of their lives to the extent that it doesn’t just affect their social lives but their love life as well; everyone loves a hardworking partner, but when it reaches that point where you rarely have the time for them then it becomes not just a problem but a huge problem”.
You are overly competitive: “Dating and relationships have nothing to do with competition; it’s not a sport, it’s bad making every conversation and argument competitive; this can send wrong signals that would make you seem undateable”.
Your life is a lie: “Lies can be appalling especially when they are cheap and unnecessary; if you are already lying on the first date or your life is filled with lies then that’s a habit that can make you extremely undateable”.
Bad at keeping in touch with people: “It’s unfair to the other party when you don’t keep in touch, some people have this habit without knowing that it could kill their relationship or make them undateable; communication should be a two-way thing in a relationship, and when you don’t bother to make any effort, it could chase your partner away”.
You love spending time with only yourself: “This is also another habit that can make dating you extremely annoying and tiring, there is nothing wrong in having your ‘me time’, but when your ‘me time’ comes every time then it passes a wrong message that you aren’t ready for a relationship”.

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