Married men are all over, roaming and deceiving ladies everywhere.

No, don’t get me wrong, I am a married man but I tell you this for free; we are the most devious and malicious creatures to ever walk this earth. A married man will lie to you without batling a lid to hit on you and eventually win your heart.

Here are 9 lies married men use to hit on you:

1. I am not happy in my marriage.
This is the topmost lie that men lie to woo naive girls into dating them. If he is not happy he should leave, not bringing a sob story to make you swallow the line and hook up. My sister, if he is unhappy you are not his happiness either – abort mission.

2. I will leave her.
You have heard this statement a thousand times from married men. He says he is fed up with his wife and will leave her for you. It’s a lie!

3. I am with her for the sake of the kids.
You’ve already heard this comment gazillion time. He will lie that he is with the wife for the sake of the kids while in the real sense, they are very happily married. Visit his social media accounts and you’ll be met by pictures of a perfect family.

4. I don’t love her.
This is a line that most married men are fond of using. If he doesn’t love her what makes you think he will love you? Wake up girl, he just wants to slide you to the sack!

5. I will marry you.
What makes you believe that he will leave his wife for you? Married men use this lie to lure you into accepting his demands knowing very well that he will never leave his wife for you. The only way to avoid this is to avoid him.
6. We separated just recently.
He will lie to you that he just separated with his wife and they are just co-parenting. He will continue lying to you that he may even consider you the second mother of his kids. Really? Do you buy such crap? I don’t think so.

7. She is not as beautiful as you.
No one hates to be told that they are beautiful, but using this lie to get you is just lame. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Sweetie he is just making you feel good so that you fall into his trap head first.

8. We don’t even sleep in the same bed.
This is a lie married men will tell you to make you believe that they are not even sleeping with their wives. He will lie to you that the last time they slept together was before the new millennium. He is lying. Stay woke.

9. I will move out.
He will lie to you that he will find a place for you and leave his matrimonial home. Men use this lie to make you feel that he is more interested in making a future with you. It’s a lie, be wise.

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