Related imageMany people make so many mistakes when it comes to dating; not that they plan to but it just happens; maybe due to the feelings and emotions attached to the person they are dating or intend dating.
There are no rules to dating but there are certain rules one shouldn’t break when dating but sometimes being overly into someone can just make one lose it and from then how you act and what you do might not turn out to be good for your relationship or even for yourself.
Even though one can never learn enough when it comes to relationships and dating but  there are some rules every guy should adhere to and you probably won’t regret them.
ASK HER OUT ONCE: “If you like a lady, ask her out once; this is good for your emotions, for your self-esteem, for your respect and for so many things; when you tend to ask her out as often as the number of times you take your bath, she might get tired of you, be smooth; ask her out just once, the message has been passed already; don’t follow her up and down like your life depends on it, she’d lose that respect for you and sometimes, you just need to act like the man that you’re”.
THE FACT THAT YOU’VE GOTTEN HER DOESN’T MEAN IT ENDS THERE: “This is one huge mistake guys make; that you’ve gotten a lady doesn’t mean you should rest on your oars; if you actually do like a lady then getting her shouldn’t be the ultimate, keeping her should and most guys tend to act casual after winning a lady’s heart; that’s a terrible mistake man; you might end up losing her”.
BE CONFIDENT: “This is one thing that attracts every lady; a man with confidence, you might have some flaws but the truth is we all have flaws, life is not a movie; no one is perfect and that is where confidence helps as it covers those flaws and makes you seem flawless; this would keep every lady in awe of you and don’t be deceived, arrogance is not confidence”.
BE SPONTANEOUS: “Every lady loves a man that’s spontaneous; be spontaneous, be unpredictable, keep that lady guessing always (in a good way though); let her never have enough of your magic, just keep her on the edge and she would forever be in awe of you”.
DON’T BE DESPERATE: “Desperation won’t take you anywhere, don’t be desperate for s3x, don’t be desperate for her to see you, don’t be desperate for anything; it won’t take you anywhere”.
IF SHE ISN’T RIGHT FOR YOU, SHE ISN’T RIGHT FOR YOU: “Most times, we get carried away by superficial things that we forget what’s most important; if a lady isn’t right for you then don’t go about deceiving yourself about how perfect she is for you, you won’t deceive anybody but yourself, at times because of a lady’s beauty and charm, guys get carried away forgetting that compatibility is the most important thing”.
“If you don’t like a lady then don’t ask her out; this is not just a rule, this goes beyond that because if you’re dating a lady you don’t really like, it won’t bring out the best in you, you would just keep struggling to make her happy but when you like a lady it would be all bliss, you would want to make her happy at every point in time”.
IF SHE WON’T TREAT YOU RIGHT, DON’T BOTHER: “Sometimes, men get carried away with how they feel about a lady forgetting that how she feels about you is also important; it’s a two-way thing; don’t go about treating a lady right forgetting that she ought to treat you right as well and don’t hurt your emotions and feelings over a lady that won’t care about you”.

NEVER FORGET HER BIRTHDAY: “No matter what you do, never forget your lady’s birthday; this is another rule that’s a must, no matter how much you love a lady, if you forget her birthday, she won’t be happy with you; birthdays, anniversaries and all important dates mean a lot to her; I know this won’t be easy for men but try as much as possible to keep those dates in your reminder”.

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