There comes a time in a man’s life when he have to quit all games and fun and settle down with a lady he would eventually call wife.
When a man reaches this stage, his mentality changes; he knows marriage is a huge commitment and shouldn’t be one he should rush into because a mistake in the choice of a partner would have a detrimental effect on his whole life.
He knows that some ladies are in his life just for a little fun and he have to search for some assets that he would supposedly find in that special ‘Miss Right’ for him. There is no perfect woman really, but every man seeks the best when looking for his own woman, below are top things most men would look out for in their “Miss Right”.
A woman who would support them: “Sometimes doing it on your own could be quite stressful; even the most successful men would still want someone to share their success with. every man wants the woman who wouldn’t just be like the others; he wants a woman that would add a beneficial factor to his life, someone that has something to offer, someone that he can trust and someone that would support him even when the chips are down; the saying ‘behind every successful man is a woman’ and “behind the fall of every successful man is also a woman” actually is true, and most men would rather go for the former”.
A companion: “Gone are the days when men just needed a wife just because they want a woman in their life; these days, men look for a companion in that woman they call wife; most men actually need a woman who would be a wife, a friend, a sister and even a mother to them, and when they find that lady, there would be no letting go”.
A woman they can trust: “As promiscuous as men are, we actually need a woman that would be faithful; when there is a reason to not trust you, it could actually become an issue. No man needs a wife that would flirt with his best friend, his neighbour and another guy down the street, faithfulness is one compulsory quality most men would put as a must in that potential Miss Right”.
A woman who isn’t lacking in the bedroom: “Well, if you actually tell a man to list out what he wants in that Miss Right, this point would probably not be in the list, but deep down every man wants a lady that would take them to another world whenever they make love, the previous tip talks about men wanting a lady that’s good and faithful; but inasmuch as men want that in a woman, they would also want her to be that slut to him and him alone”.
An homely woman: “A man is the head of the home they say, but the woman is the home maker, she’s the manager and coordinator of that home; while this might sound old-fashioned to you, most men would still appreciate that woman who can do the dishes, clean the home, and still cook a good meal, every man would also appreciate that woman who can take care of the kids — that’s a home maker to men’.
A smart woman: “Every man loves an intelligent woman, a woman that’s smart and one who can add value; an unintelligent woman wouldn’t really be the kind of woman most men would look out for”.
Beauty: “Every man needs that woman that can be at least beautiful to them, no man is actually looking for the perfect Beyoncé, but at least she ought to know how to look good even for herself; men love to show their women off, it’s something that has a lot to do with the male ego, and when his lady isn’t presentable, it could pose a problem to some men”.
A woman who would actually love them: “The irony of it all is that even though men try to attract women with their material possession, they also prefer that woman who would love them deeply from their heart without having to care what they have and what they don’t; no man wants that woman who is just there for what she can gain”.

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