We have heard of the stigma that comes with a lady making a first move on a man and with the African mentality, a lady would rather wait and hope that that guy that gives her goose pimples would just walk up to her and woo her but most times,this never happens and when the man who does not catch her fancy comes her way,she will bark at him so ferociously as if the guy is responsible for her "timidity"

I have actually sat down to reason deeply about this issue and i have come to a solid conclusion that judging from the happenings of today,it will be a wise thing for a lady to stop waiting and hoping that one guy she wants will just read her mind and walk up to her and i would like you all to see 7 realistic reasons why you should give that guy a green light without outrightly wooing him if you truly want him rather than wait and pray he comes your way.

1.Many men are confused and don't know what they want: Yes many guys are so confused and ths has nothing to do with imaturity.Each day, a guy sees different ladies of different ersonalities, colors,curves and beauty and just when they are thinking about dating a lady, they see another one that looks even more alluring to him and on and on he gets so lost as to which lady to go for even when he is not sure which one will say yes to him but when you give him a green light,,he is likely to let down his guards and settle for you. Guys love daring ladies and we find them amusing

2.Takes an extra effort to woo a lady: Don't be deceived when you see a dude and you start thinking he has all the ladies in the world after him because in actual fact, many guys battle with fear of rejection even the sweet looking ones. No matter how sweet looking a man is, he usually plans his moves and they know there is a possibility of you turning them down but maybe just a sweet flirtatious glance or sweet smile from you to him will make him more relaxed and feel more confident to approach you and pour out those lyrics.

3.Most responsible guys are shy or don't have that time to woo a lady: The bottom line is that in most cases,those bold and daring guys that walk up to you are playboys but the more reliable,responsible and purposeful guys are shy or don't even know how to woo a lady or are too devoted to their career to do that so if you see that sweet looking dude,just say hi to him and if he does not catch the drift,he is on his own.

4.Hard to get syndrome: Some ladies still think playing hard to get is in vogue..I am one guy that will not bother you again if you give me any strong NO body language. I believe if you want me as a friend even if not as a date for a start at least be friendly with me and don't give me this appalling attitude. Honestly there are too many ladies out there for one girl to dey form hard to get and if i am a lady, i would rather prove hard to forget rather than hard to get.Many men don't even bother these days wooing ladies because they have that mindset that these ladies will end up forming and are easily drawn towards the ones that show them a green light.

5.Every lady deserves the man she desires: As guys,we are cool with the fact that we know what we want in our lady as regards her physical appearance and when we see such that meets up, we simply summon courage and walk up to her but in the case of a lady,it is expected of her to just sit and wait in hope that the guy walks up to her and it is considered improper for her to express her desire for that guy...how partial and wicked can this ever get?. I believe that What's sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander and i believe it is unfair for ladies to just cry in silence when they see a man they so desire and who might just desire them with hope that he makes the first move.

6.Making the first move on a guy is never the same as throwing yourself sheepishly at him: I have heard many people use these erroneous remarks that when a lady makes a first move on a guy then the guy will not value her or will see her as cheap...you never jam babe that will make the first move and will comport herself so well that the guy will have a rethink and value her even more than he ever imagined. When you make a first move on a guy,it does not mean you will start monkeying over him or be at his beck and call and yes you can make a first move on a guy and still deny him sex wella so ladies must understand that whoring over a guy is a total different ball game and making a first move is another.

7.Economy crunch:In-fact in Nigeria, this has become number one deterrent as many guys have lost hope of ever getting a girl to truly desire them because to these,they will always believe its about money and not love. You will be amazed that the guy you are so much into is also deeply attracted to you but he has been thinking about his pocket and asking himself how on earth will he be able to meet up with "your standard" especially if you are the high class babe.But if you just show that guy a little encouragement,he just might overcome this thought and make that move.

The truth is that making a first move on a man can be done tactically and does not really mean throwing yourself at him or opening your legs for him to take undo advantage of you but you can go for the man you want and still maintain your dignity and he will respect you all the way.

I don't know if this makes sense but just thinking out loud.

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