Br3ast pain is a cause for worry among many women but even though it is really annoying and it is generally no cause for concern.
There are several reasons your br3ast hurts and below are some of the reasons why your br3ast hurts.
Menstruation: “It’s normal to have br3ast pain when your period is on its way due to change in hormones that come along with your period, br3ast pain associated with your menstrual cycle is called cyclic pain and it usually goes away when your period ends; in fact, if your cycles are regular, you can use br3ast soreness to actually feel when your period is on its way”.
Pregnancy: “Pregnancy might just be the reason you feel the pain in your br3ast, progesterone which is the same hormone that causes br3ast soreness during your menstrual cycle is also produced in the early days of a pregnancy; br3ast pain during pregnancy is often more extreme and lasts for a longer time than br3ast pain during periods and the pain is more pronounced during the first trimester of pregnancy”.
Lumpy br3asts: “Lumpy br3asts due to fibrocystic br3ast tissue can cause br3ast soreness and pain, you should however note that lumpy br3asts are not necessarily linked to br3ast cancer”.
Wrong bra: “Using the wrong bra can cause you to have br3ast pain which is why it is important you wear the right bra as wearing a bra that is too tight might cause it to pinch and poke your br3asts leading to sore br3asts while wearing a bra that doesn’t support your br3ast properly will lead to breast tenderness”.
Br3ast size: “If you have large br3asts, the br3ast pain you feel could be related to your br3ast size; neck, shoulder and back pain may accompany br3ast pain due to large br3asts”.
High caffeine consumption: “If you consume too much caffeine and you experience br3ast pain, your caffeine consumption might be the reason; even though no study have proved coffee and tea can directly cause br3ast pain, several studies have shown that cutting caffeine intake can help alleviate discomfort”.
Medication: “Certain medications including some infertility treatments and oral birth control pills may be associated with br3ast pain”.
It is very important to see a doctor if br3ast pain continues daily for a more than a couple of weeks and also occurs in one specific area of your br3ast or seems to get worse with time.

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