The difference between a successful and unsuccessful relationship majorly lies in what both partners do daily because what each partner do or what do not do is always a determining factor in determining how successful or unsuccessful the relationship turns out.
Your relationship is an outcome of what you feed it daily; if you starve your relationship of certain vital needs or feed it with the wrong things, it would definitely collapse but feed it with positive energy and it would be successful.
Here are 6 wrong things most couples do daily:
Not communicating: “Communication is an integral part of a relationship and not communicating with your partner on a daily basis isn’t good for your relationship health in the long run; communication is an essential part of a relationship and a lack of it would send your relationship to ruins”.
Keeping grudges: “It’s better to free your mind of grudges than keep it for a long time in your heart, it’s not abnormal to have an argument or disagreement with your partner, but what is wrong is when you bear grudges in your mind; having grudges in your mind is like keeping food without preserving it; it would keep decaying with each passing day”.
Not expressing your love: “Bear this in mind; any day that passes by without you expressing your love to your partner in one way or the other, no matter how little then you have done a wrong because everyday is a new day to show your partner how much you actually care”.
You wait for your partner to initiate certain things: “It’s wrong to wait for your partner to initiate things in the relationship at all times; the love, s3x, dates and everything surrounding the relationship shouldn’t be bore by one partner alone, it becomes too rigid and ordinary when you let your partner initiate everything”.
Expecting relationship problems to solve itself: “Relationship problems cannot be solved merely at the wave of the hand, it is wrong to let your problems with your partner last for days without attempting to solve them”.
Focusing on your partner’s flaws: “Everyone has flaws, and sometimes you have to learn to live with your partner’s flaws; ridiculing your partner for a flaw is totally wrong, and if you must correct your partner, it should be done with love”.

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