Many people have bad breath without even knowing it while some have bad breath and don’t have an idea of what to do about the offensive odour oozing out of their mouth while a few others don’t even care if their breath is far from fresh.
I know some might think otherwise but a bad breath can actually ruin your relationship; in as much as love is important in a relationship, it is not everything because personal hygiene also matters a lot; who would want to be with a partner who is dirty?
Here are some reasons why you need to keep your mouth fresh or risk losing your partner.
Your partner won’t be comfortable: “No matter how much you pretend to love someone or actually do love someone, such love won’t withstand the ooze of a bad breath; a bad breath is terrible, and no one would be comfortable in that situation, especially when you know you have to deal with that bad breath every day of your life”.
Hard to kiss: “We all have to admit that it’s hard enough talking to one with a bad breath and if talking is hard enough kissing might be a tedious task; when one has a bad breath, the temptation of kissing might just be a distant memory which would occur once in a while, ever wondered why your partner refuses to kiss you quite a number of times; a bad breath might just be the reason”.
No kissing means no connection: “We all know by now that kissing is one thing that connects two people together; kissing brings connection, it raises passion levels, it is the king of foreplay so imagine a relationship where kissing hardly exists; it just might not last. kissing brings connection; bad breath pushes away the art of kissing; so do the math”.
Kills intimacy: “A bad breath can actually kill the intimacy that a relationship has; not just kissing, every act that leads to intimacy in a relationship would be dead over time, and once intimacy is dead the relationship is dead as well”.
Disgust: “Let’s call a spade a spade, a bad breath is disgusting; it can never bring good to a relationship, that disgust that comes with a bad breath can make one feel same towards his/her partner that has a bad breath and the disgust towards that bad breath can be transferred to that partner even without knowing”.
Frequent quarrels: “A bad breath can make one lose that self-control for his/her partner that has the bad breath and once self-control is lost in a relationship that relationship is dead and gone; when there is a feeling of disgust for a partner then frequent quarrels would arise even from the slightest of issues that doesn’t merit it”.

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