We all love kissing, it is the beginning of a make-out session, and kissing often leads to so many interesting possibilities that can vary from intense smooching, to dry humping and who knows, full on s3x too.
But as great as kissing is, there are just a few things that is not really that great about kissing and here are some of them.
Everyone assumes they’re good at it: “Almost everyone thinks they’re quite good at kissing, and some people have also been misled to believe this as well, like other things, the act of lip locking requires talent and also lots of practising just like driving, cooking, swimming or any other endeavour; so, its quite possible that you meet someone that doesn’t know how to kiss but feel they’re the best at it”.

The use of tongue: “Tongue during a kiss if applied well is quite good, but as kissing itself, it requires mastery, no used shoving down your tongue down someone’s throat; so learn how to use the tongue properly”.
Duration of the kiss: “Kissing can be very interesting but after a while, it loses its effect; the length of a kiss can make the mind wonder away from what the mouth is doing, it is good to know when to move along with the kiss”.
Bad Breath: “This might be the number one problem with kissing Bad breath can be a curse especially when making out with someone new; you don’t want to blast them with gutter stink from the oral cavity, this is by far one of the most disgraceful things that can happen to anyone”.
Awkward mouth position: “If you both have long noses then someone has to tilt for the other person, else it’ll your pointed noses doing all the kissing while your lips struggle to even touch each other”.
Is the other person’s eyes closed?: “This is also important, the beauty of a kiss is that you share a bond in this moment of intimacy; when this happens, you want to be sure that you’re both in sync, which is why it’s best that you all have your eyes closed and it can be thoroughly disappointing if one person’s eyes is open while the other is closed”.

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