We have all had times in our lives when we wished we had handled a situation better and with a little bit of maturity, while some people have the wisdom of sages at age ten but many pout and sulk after getting beaten fair and square at a game of cards. The good thing is that maturity can be inculcated at any age, provided that one willingly work towards it.
Below are some of the ways in which you can be more mature in life.
Always review your actions in retrospect: ‘If you think you behaved inappropriately in a given situation, assess what went wrong and how you could handle it better next time; maybe you lashed out at a colleague or you became party to spreading a malicious rumour about a friend, whatever it is that you did, make a note of what you could have done instead as this prepares you to deal better with similar situations in the future”.

Be detached: “Do people let you have your way in arguments with you because you take everything too personally?this is probably because you are tying your beliefs to your self esteem, practice detachment from people and from things and learn to look at things from a dispassionate point of view because a little detachment goes a long way”.
Stop looking for sympathy and stop feeling sorry for yourself: “Self pity is OK but only for a while because it severely stops you from making any personal progress and life’s too short to take extended pit stops”.
Live in the present and let go of the past: “The past is a comfortable place, it is a familiar place, unlike the uncertain future which scares you and excessive fixation with the past signals a deep psychological problem; so savour the good memories of your past, but always look towards the future”.
Be more action oriented: “At the end of the day, there will be a million things that will work against you; instead of complaining, try putting your mental energy into finding solutions to accomplish your task so stop wasting your time with ifs and buts; and for heaven’s sake, stop crying over spilt milk’.

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